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Google Rebrands Home Services Ads as Local Services Ads

Google Rebrands Home Services Ads as Local Services Ad

In the year 2015, Google launched their highly anticipated Google home services ads as a beta version. This program was aimed to promote home services such as HVAC, plumbing, etc. However, almost two years later, in 2017, Google rebooted and rebranded its Google home services ads as local service ads, expanding it to 30 cities. Google local service ads have changed the way service companies advertise digitally.


Earlier, there used to be two standardized methods of validating a business on Google: Advanced Verification and Home Service Ads. However, these validation methods have undergone great changes since Google re-branded its home service ads as local service ads.


Google local service ads are an advertising program designed by Google to help small-scale businesses and local service providers generate direct leads. Even though not all home service businesses and industries are eligible for local service ads, the new advertising program is expected to be available for everyone soon.


Google local service ads are displayed at the top of a Google search, right above the pay-per-click advertising section, which your business is already utilizing. Local service ads incorporate the business name, location, reviews, Google guarantee badge, phone number and operational hours. The most prominent change you will see is that there is no link to your business’s website on the local service ads.

How to Start Using Google Local Service Ads

Inform Google about your interest in entering the local service ads marketplace. After going through your application, Google will ask you to submit general business information- business name, phone number, address, industry, working hours, etc. Once Google approves your business, you’ll need to submit background checks of your stakeholders, business and employees. After this, initial screening will occur, and you’ll be requested to submit proof of insurance. Once Google has received all the required information, your business will be eligible to utilize local service ads.


How Do Local Service Ads Work | Business Perspective

Google local service ads identify a potential customer’s action after seeing an online ad as a lead. This can be a phone call, leaving a voice message and even sending over a text. So, what happens is that when a customer calls a business, and all numbers are busy, the customer will probably leave a voicemail and wait for the business to return their call. On the flip side, the same happens when a consumer sends an email or text; they expect the business to set an appointment or at least respond to their query.


With these new ads, your business will now be charged for every lead received, this includes any email sent, call made or email that comes after someone views the ads. In addition to this, Google local service ads have a system set up and incorporated that helps identify invalid leads.

How Do Local Services Ads Work | Consumer Perspective

Compared to the business perspective, Google local service ads are easier and simpler for consumers. Once customers have conducted their research and seen your brand’s ads, they need to let the business know that they wish to contact you. Consumers can do this by sending a text, email or call.


When it comes to these ads, no additional steps are needed for customers; this means no websites to navigate or landing pages. Moreover, customers will also see a Google Guarantee badge marking your


business as an authenticated and reliable service provider. The badge also means that Google will cover up to $2000 of your business in the lifetime claims made by customers.

Wrapping It Up!

Google has recently rebranded home service ads as local service ads. The modified ad format helps the service-provider market and industries target lead generations and gain new customers. While the service of Google local service ads is still limited to specific areas and industries, Google is continuously exploring new businesses and industries to incorporate in the new local service advertising progra


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